TimeXchange Affiliate Program

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to develop mobile applications for TimeXchange.

Welcome Mobile Developers!

TimeXchange has become quite popular because of its 'eco-system' approach that enables various providers and consumers of services to easily collaborate. This creates a 'social commerce' (sCommerce) platform that, by nature, is extensible and why we invite qualified mobile developers and system integrators to join our Affiliate Program.

Our Affiliate Program is really quite simple. We seek relationships with experts who bring added value to the TimeXchange platform. For example, you could provide a service to integrate TimeXchange data into complex back-office applications. You could offer industry specific mobile apps, widgets, gadgets or devices that feed into TimeXchange for reporting. You could even 'white-label' TimeXchange as part of your customer dashboard. You provide the industry know-how as well as the technical proficiency and we'll provide the collaboration platform and necessary APIs.

Knowing that we need to make it attractive to the developer/integrator community, we have decided there will be no registration fees associated with our Affiliate Program. Any fees you generate through your product or services are 100% yours to keep. Our interest is in extending our platform and providing our users with high-quality solutions that allow them to better utilize our platform. The only requirement is that your solution would necessitate each end user to have a subscription to TimeXchange.

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