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We launched TimeXchange on a simple premise – time reporting and approval is a standard business function and should be simple, inexpensive and universal.

Time reporting and approval is first and foremost about communication and collaboration - within your organization, and outside of your organization. By offering TimeXchange as a "web service", rather than as a hosted application that is specific to one company at a time, you can invite anyone to join your project including employees, contractors, clients, your accountant, anyone. Once subscribed, a TimeXchange user can create as many projects, invite as many team members and join as many projects as they wish. No other time reporting and approval solution can do that.

We recognize that time reporting and approval is often a pre-process to another business function such as project management, HR, invoicing or vendor management. That is why we offer several methods for integrating data collected in TimeXchange accounts to other applications. We also have a network of systems integration partners who can assist corporate organizations who need a simple, yet effective method to gather our data for use with complex enterprise systems. One time sheet that feeds many purposes. No other time reporting and approval can do that.

We recognize that time reporting and approval, like email, is used by everybody and should be simple and convenient. That is why we focus our attention on the end user and work closely with all our subscribers to produce a well-defined and simple user experience.

You can join the growing community at TimeXchange in one of three ways - a quarterly subscription of US $9.00 or an annual subscription of US $19.95. Do you have a team of users you want to enroll? No problem. You can purchase promo codes that can be given to employees, contractors, your accountant or clients. Please contact us for additional information.

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